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From Anna and Nicoletta of Write to Me;

"With so many of our customers recently writing to us from all over the world at home, telling us how much they love writing in their journals, we felt compelled to give you some more options.

We believe in the power of handwriting, in keeping your memories to pass down and in putting pen to paper to plan out your dreams, goals and everyday chaos.

However, this is a different kind of chaos. This is world chaos. Internal chaos we are all feeling inside and experiencing.

Our mental health over this time is so important. Everybody has a story that involves the impact this virus has had on our lives. We are all carrying anxiety over our jobs, our families, our friends, our health, our children’s education and what all our futures hold.

The unknown and navigating our new lives has us all experiencing emotions that are bigger than some of us have ever had to face.

Journaling is a great tool to help with mental health. It can help manage anxiety, reduce stress and cope with depression. It also provides a place to write your heart out. You can keep your journal private or share your thoughts with loved ones. You can let the words flow out of you like a conversation with your closest friend. Writing can also help get to the bottom of your real worries. It can help work through emotions and help sort through fears and concerns with possible solutions.

You may also like to document this time in our lives to read back on. One day this will all be over. If you keep a journal it will be a time that will make history books, which you will have documented in your own writing. Something to share with your children one day or even grandchildren perhaps.

While children are also not at school, having a special place to keep a diary is not only a creative way to keep them writing but also to tell their story. It might also be an outlet where they can share their inner thoughts."