About Bowerbox

Hello! I’m Anna and I’m the founder of BOWERBOX. We’re so glad you found us!

The BOWERBOX story began with the arrival of my 3 children. As someone who had previously loved leisurely trawling the shops to find the perfect gifts for my family and friends, I quickly realised those days were long gone- take 3 kids under the age of 5 into a gift shop voluntarily?! Are you crazy?! I started searching online to find a gift I could send that was meaningful, beautiful and reflected the uniqueness of the receiver (without me even needing to buckle a child into a carseat!!) and I soon realised there was a serious lack of options. So I created BOWERBOX.

Make your gift truly unique

Bowerbox is an online destination that aims to bring the joy back into gifting, making it as easy as possible for you to give a thoughtfully curated gift with the click of a button! Using the best of modern technology combined with old-fashioned service and attention to detail, Bowerbox offers a unique online shopping experience that will inspire creativity and thoughtfulness!

Thoughtfully packaged to the last detail

We believe that convenient gifting does not have to mean sacrificing style and personality. Our range of products are carefully selected from all over the world and are chosen with thought and purpose. Whatever the reason or season, Bowerbox is your new go-to for gifting.