Introducing the Designer Series...

If you follow us on social media then you have likely seen our exciting launch of the BOWERBOX DESIGNER SERIES!

It’s a collection of dreamy collaborations with incredibly talented artists and designers whose work we will feature on limited edition Bowerboxes!

Our beloved blue boxes are of course there to stay, but we couldn’t be more excited to add a fun new addition to the family for the ULTIMATE personalisation experience on our ‘Build a Bowerbox’ page!

To make this launch even more exciting, we kicked off the series with the collaboration OF OUR DREAMS!





It was honestly a dream come true to collaborate with Morgan on this limited edition Bowerbox. To say we are fans of her work would be the understatement of the century!

Morgan’s work is so incredibly beautiful and we’re sure you’ll agree that this gorgeous Bowerbox is SO pretty that it makes for the perfect keepsake, long after the contents have been unpacked!

A keepsake to treasure, so the joy of gifting continues!

 We thought we would use this blog to fill you in on the fun process behind our collaboration with Morgan, straight from the mouth of me… Anna, Bowerbox’s Founder!

To start from the very start, I had ALWAYS been an avid fan of Morgan’s work. Her art and Instagram feed radiate so much joy and when I dreamt up the idea of the Bowerbox Designer Series it wasn’t even a question that Morgan would be the first person I approached. 

And, when she said YES I couldn’t contain my excitement (there were absolutely happy dances going down all day at Bowerbox HQ!).

Everything to do with this collaboration came together so easily and when we received the first batch of boxes through from our manufacturer, we couldn’t have been happier. The colours, the gold foiling- it was all perfect.  

Morgan is truly one of the nicest humans on the planet and based on the WONDERFUL response that we have had from all of our beautiful clients, it’s clear that you are all major fans of her work too!




If you haven’t already, and you could do with more of her magical work in your feed (because let’s be real, who couldn’t?!), head to her Instagram @morgan_jamieson_artist and follow along on her journey. I’m sure you’ll become a major fan, just like me!

 So, a little more on the Designer Series. These beautiful, limited edition boxes will be an ongoing feature at Bowerbox.

We are so excited to continue to feature the work of insanely talented creatives who inspire us every day. And, this series ties in so perfectly with our mission to create gifts that are as unique as the receiver.

Our ‘Build A Bowerbox’ page is the ultimate form of personalised gifting, and this limited edition box option will only enhance the experience moving forward.

We have some exciting collaborations already in the works but we’d love to hear from you if there’s someone whose work inspires you and that you would love to see featured! 

We hope you love the first cab off the rank in our designer series as much as we do, and we absolutely can understand if we see plenty of self-addressed Bowerboxes on the way out the door!

Happy Gifting,

Anna xo